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Mrs. Riddle's Birds

Hello 6th Grade Families!



   Wanting to teach since I was a little girl has made my choice of career easy!  I really do love how inspiring and amazing 6th graders are.  Being passionate about something induces some sort of magic, and I hope that I always stay passionate!  I find that students teach me more than most people give them credit for.  Being with them makes me a better person every day.


   Outside of teaching, I have a family and a dog that I love.  We love to camp, fish, go boating, hiking, and just about anything else that gets us outside.  My husband and son ride BMX so you can find us at the track quite often.  My daughter loves volleyball and we have a blast watching her play.  Our dog Maggie is the sweetest thing.  She comes boating with us and likes to hike around and swim too!



   When you’ve been in our classroom or even at my house, you’ll hear this:  (It’s kind of my thing…)

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  What are you going to do with it?

If you ever need to contact me, please feel free:
Mrs. Riddle Ph: 435-833-1968
Below are links to the websites we use quite often:



Pearson Realize (Our Math Book)

  • If you need to print homework, watch a lesson on video, or play games!
  • Username: ut_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (followed by your SSID #)  Password: stu_ _ _ _ _ (lunch #)
           Check your planner if you forgot your SSID #






Quizlet (Vocabulary Practice and Games)

  • Use this site to practice and study for our Friday vocabulary quizzes.  Some of the features include flashcards, self quizzes, and games.
  • Username & Password:  Whatever you made it when you created an account.  If you lost it, you ‘ll have to create a new account and rejoin our class.


 ST Math (Math games and skill practice)
You can find grades, lunch account balance and lunch menus here:
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